Examples of redlining tactics or irregularities in mortgage (discrimination against you because you are Black, Asian, a veteran, a person with a disability, an LGBT person, etc.)

  • Difficulty getting an in-person appointment with a loan officer

  • Not receiving a written pre-approval or quote when the loan officer promised one

  • Not receiving return phone calls from a loan officer, and

  • Refusal to provide a loan application after the loan officer learns of the race of the applicant, the racial makeup of the neighborhood where the consumer intends to buy the home or other information relating to the racial or ethnic characteristics of the area.

In Pennsylvania, consumers who believe they may be victims of these types of tactics should contact the Office of Attorney General at Discrimination@attorneygeneral.gov or call the office’s Civil Rights section at (717) 787-0882.

Information courtesy of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office.